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         Attorney O'Connor received her mediation training at Northwestern University.  Mediation is the most cost effective way to get divorced.  A mediator is a "neutral third party" trained to assist the parties in communicating with one another to determine options and reach a resolution.

         The parties must consult with a family law attorney before starting the process and for the review of the final agreement.  By law, a mediator cannot provide legal advice to either party as that would be a conflict of interest.  The mediator can, however, educate the parties about the laws in our jurisdiction. 

         The process is completely voluntary.  A resolution will not be forced upon anyone and must be by mutual agreement.  If you do not reach a resolution or during the process you do not feel mediation is appropriate, you are free to terminate the process at any time.

         If the parties cannot agree on legal custody and/or a parenting plan, a child specialist may be invited to attend a meeting or two to help the parents overcome their conflict.

         The process is strictly confidential.  Meaning, if an agreement is not reached, neither party is may testify about the discussions during the mediation process. 

Review Counsel for Mediation

If you are working with a family law mediator, it is important to know your rights and obligations.  Attorney O'Connor works closely with other family law mediators in assisting their clients with legal advice and reviewing the divorce agreement before it becomes final.